Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black Sabbath album art by Harry Carmean sold.

This beautiful drawing by Harry Carmean featuring the members Black Sabbath was originally used on the back of their Heaven and Hell album (middle image). A well known rock and memorabilia and guitar collector has just purchased the drawing and now it is surrounded by some of the world's most epic guitars, including Jimi Hendrix's.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Recent dog and cat portraits (2012-13) by Miriam Slater

Some recent Harry Carmean painting discoveries....

The Poetic Eye galley is working on a comprehensive catalogue raisonne of Harry Carmean's paintings which will take a number of years to complete. Below are some paintings that have not been shown for the last forty years, if at all. The pastel is one of a few Carmean did in the late 1960's and which for my mind rivals the pastels of Degas.

Eva Slater, Miriam Slater and Erin Slater Carmean - Family of artists

It is all in the family - three of the Poetic Eye's artists, Eva Slater,  daughter Miriam Slater and grand daughter Erin Slater Carmean all incorporate interlocked triangles and diamond forms in their art, but in a manner that is unique to each artist. The paintings by Eva Slater are done with oil paints on panel in the 1950's and 60's. The table and letter box (done in lacquer and acrylic on wood in the 1980's) are by Miriam Slater and the zen mandalas (done in ink pen on paper in the late 2000's) are by Erin Carmean.