Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Harry Carmean paintings - whereabouts unknown..

Photographs were just discovered of these two beautiful paintings from the early 1960's (the top one is a formal and quite interesting portrait of Carmean's gorgeous third wife). The paintings were sold a long time ago and their whereabouts are unknown. Unfortunately the photographs are not of a high quality, so we would love to relocate the paintings to photograph them properly. If anyone knows who the owners of these two masterworks might be, please contact this gallery. Carmean's work does not sell at auction very frequently as most people that buy his work keep it for life.

Miriam Slater new geisha painting of Rachel Brice

This painting of belly dancer Rachel Brice is Miriam Slater's most recent geisha painting (two more are in the works). It was finished in early 2011 and is the fourth portrait Slater has done of Rachel Brice who is one of the world's finest bellydancers - a pioneer in that genre. She is also a fashion icon, creating exotic fashions that are copied the world over. While in the painting her costume may seem to be quite exotic, when you see her in person, she looks just as fascinating. In the painting she is shown holding a butterfly with her students in the background against the skyline of San Francisco. She has to be seen to be appreciated and to take a look at her legendary dancing be sure to visit or go to youtube.

Harry Carmean is in a new art book

Harry Carmean's art has been included in this book titled L.A. Rising - SoCal Artists before 1980. It is available at Hennessey Ingalls art and architecture book store online for $75.