Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harry Carmean etchings

Harry Carmean has been making etchings beginning in the early 1970's on through to the 1990's. The first print done in 1972 was the "The Poem" (based on an oil painting of the same theme) which is the third image from the top. Carmean had just bought his press and this was the only lithograph he ever did. The subject matter of his other prints includes figure compositions and nudes (throughout the 1970's) and cafe scenes (done in the late 1970's after a trip to Spain). In the 1990's Carmean went off on a tangent and made some highly innovative prints with erotic themes and are we ever glad he did! (To see Carmean's erotic etchings please the erotic website Many of the prints were made by master printer, John Greco of Josephine Press in Los Angeles, and others were printed by Carmean on his own press. There are still some plates that have never been made into editions and some of these will debut this year at the Poetic Eye.

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