Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to the Poetic Eye Gallery!

Welcome to The Poetice Eye online art gallery which carries the work of figurative artists Harry Carmean and Miriam Slater, Hard-edge artist Eva Slater as well as other artists. After three successful years on ebay it was time for the Poetic Eye to establish to its own site online. The ebay gallery will continue to sell art at its reasonable rates because which makes original works of art by top notch artists accessible to artists and students who have limited resources. The Poetic Eye will offer a more comprehensive selection of artworks in a wider price range.

This gallery's goal is to reach our global audience through the internet rather than the traditional gallery system. The internet appears to be the way of the future so that is where we are focusing our energy. Most of the art world today, (from my perspective) has tended to acknowledge mediocre, trendy and untalented artists and favor that which is fashionable and familiar resulting in what can be best described as an "unsatisfying experience" for the art connosseur.

If you are looking for unusual art that has stunning technique, comes from the heart, is original, incorporates aesthetic principles, and that will stand the test of time, then you have come to the right place. The artists we represent are top notch and different from anything you will see anywhere else in the contemporary art world. This blog will explain in depth some of the concepts and art principles used by the artists, elaborate on the art processand also give insights how the artists think through detailed biographies.

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